How does it work

CRYEX offers a game changing, order driven, centrally cleared infrastructure to trade FX instruments

CRYEX will provide the FX spot market with better transparency, certainty of orders, capital efficiency and at competitive prices to financial flows (liquidity providers). Moreover,  the CRYEX platform  is enabling equal access to all market participants, offering in particular the SME segment disruptive prices, full transparency, high volume in a user friendly easy way.

Having optimized the FX spot market by reducing the number of costly activities in the clearing environment, CRYEX will later do the same in the Derivatives & OTC markets. Envisioning a world where Blockchain technology will replace legacy system in the financial industry CRYEX is ready with a Blockchain based trading, clearing and settlement system.

The CRYEX Platform is targeting market participants including SMEs, large industrial corporations, liquidity providers financial institutions, and Open Business Networks.


In the FX spot market, CRYEX will offer an order driven platform in an exchange architecture.
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The trades executed on a market place connected to CRYEX Clearing will be cleared and settled by CRYEX Clearing
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