CRYEX will dramatically reduce the cost for trading, clearing and settlement of FX.

Evolving at the heart of the Financial Markets, we have discovered numerous inefficiencies in the FX Market, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) who experience a lack of access and transparency, high transactions cost and slow speed.

The financial flow of today’s market is a web of counterparty exposure and complex collateral movements. One dealers default can cause a domino effect in the global FX market. Moreover, high capital requirements in the market hinders trading volume.

The current FX market gives poor access for many client segments. In short, existing FX market offers low transparency, very high transactions costs with many intermediaries.

CRYEX offers a game change – equal access to the FX market for all market participants.

In the CRYEX FX market place the financial flow will have order certainty, transparency, better capital efficiency and lower risk at competitive prices.

Participants representing real flow will have greatly reduced intermediation, disruptive prices, high volumes and transparency.

CRYEX also envisions a world where Blockchain technology will replace many legacy systems and databases within the financial industry. CRYEX is ready for the future with a Blockchain compatible trading, clearing and settlement system.

”The FX market is in need of more transparency and more efficiency
and that is where CRYEX comes in”

Ann-Charlotte Byström Eek